- removed aimbot and dinarbot, fixed some functions.
- undetected again & using new packer(weniger falschmeldungen).
- Fixed esp, telekill, zombie opk & more
- undetected again, fixed zombieopk
- removed some functions, added rapidfire
- added speedroll, and zombieopk: lighthouse
- esp hp bar is now compatible with zombies.
- Added d3d hook and d3d stuff (for some people crash for some not)
when d3d hook crash for you then just dont turn it on..
- Added wtw & stw, undetected again.
- updated fixed stw & wtw bugs (i hope^^)
- fixed quickspawn, added aimbot for 2days & brandnew aimbot functions
- undetected again, aimbot is now vip only
- Added Windows XP ESP(a new esp methode made by me works without worldtoscreen e.t.c.), undetected again
- small wr update

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