This script is the culmination of months of work to perfect it to be the best possible script. Don't forget each user has a free 24 hour trial that starts the first time the script is used.

Special Features

  • Only Kalista script with actual perfect E calculation
  • E Calculation factors in all scenarios including shields, masteries, damage modifiers(exhaust etc)
  • Custom target selection
  • Q through minions
  • Advanced Q logic for high accuracy. Will only use Q while dashing if it's an accurate shot.
  • Q - AA reset
  • Helps you get extra cs by using E on minions you can't last hit in time. Will give you an extra 5 - 10 cs more than just using an orbwalker alone.
  • Uses E on fleeing enemies based on how you set it.
  • Auto execute if target can die from E. Including minions and jungle monsters.
  • Auto-E harass: If a spear is lodged inside an enemy champion and another one on a minion that is about to die, uses E.
  • Use items in combo with options including QSS.
  • Dash off minions if enemy out of range
  • Advanced Laneclear Key: It attacks minion until it can be killed with E then switches to the next and when it reaches the specified amount to kill (usually 2) it will E execute them [Do not put on same key as orbwalker laneclear. They are used in different situation]
  • Wall Dash Helper
  • Save ally with ult from dangerous spells or low life
  • Uses E right before you are about to die
  • Auto level spells
  • Auto buy starting itms
  • Packet Cast spells
  • Supports SxOrb, SAC:R, Nebelwolfi Orb and MMA
  • Advanced E Damage drawings:

Penta with 5 perfect executes.

Skin Changer.
Triple Kill with auto reset
Insta Double Kill

Q Through Minion

Kalista Ult

Wall Dash games

Original Trial Version:
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Cracked Version:
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