Hello All

We kept what you love and removed what you dont.
After a long time of game designing and a long closed beta,
We are proud to present our Server.

First Game Descrption:

Real Mu is a Free-To-Play Global Role-Play-Game with community in all over the World!
Our server Is the first to provide Pre Season X version, with unique Dynamic Experience System and New Features. Real Mu Online designed the game to make our players to Experience the Real and Original Mu Online Gameplay, with No-Resets at all. Which means that PvP & PvM are very Challenging and Balancing! In addition Real Mu Online focusing on based Economy which gives very high value to Zen & Rare Jewels.

Basic Information

About Server:
Version: Pre Season X.
Normal Exp Rate: Dynamic.
Master Exp Rate: Dynamic.
Drop Rate: 15%.
Type: PvP with guard protection in most of the spots.
Max Level: 400.
Max Master Level: 330 (higher master levels is very challenging).
Points Per Level: 10/12.
Points Per Master Level: 1.

Character Requirements:
Magic Gladiator:220.
Dark Lord: 250.
Rage Fighter:Can be created at the start.
Summoner:Can be created at the start.

Jewel Rates:
Jewel of Bless:100%.
Jewel of Soul:50% (Luck+25%).
Jewel of Life:65%.

For more basic information go to About.

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Advanced Information:

Arena, Lorencia, Noria, Elveland 1-3, Devias 1-3,
Dungeon 1-3, Atlans 1/3, losttower 1/3/5/7, Tarkan 1-2, Kanturu 1-2.
Spots are 4-6 mobs (depends on the monster level) rest of the spots have not been changed (global style).

Real Mu's economy is based on Zen & Rare Jewels(Life,Creation,Harmony).
Rare Jewels can be found in event rewards, Card Games, Bosses, Heart of Love & more.
Basic Jewels(Bless,Soul,Chaos) can be found by killing mobs and from Heart of Love.

First basic skills for each class.
All sets and weapons for each class +0+4opt until one before 380 sets/weapons.
All Blood Castle & Devil Square combination items for all of the levels.

We have designed all of the active events to be very attractive.
Thier rewards have been imporved significantly.
We have removed unwanted and not popular events such as AcheronGuardian & Illusion Temple.

Party Exp System:

2 players = 160%
3 players = 180%
4 players = 200%
5 players = 220%

Ultimate Pt (diffrent classes in the same pt):
3 players:230%
4 players:270%
5 players:300%

/offstore - Personal store offline mode(can be use at lorencia map only)
/post <message>- can be use from lvl 1 and its cost 10k zen
/dcfriend <PlayerName> <Password> - allows you to dc your self/friend account
/requests <on/off> - allows you to enable/disable incoming requests(pt, trade and etc)
/setparty <password>- allows you to set pass to your pt. wishper the pass to the leader to join the pt
/addstr , /addagi , /addvit , /addene , /addcmd- allows you to add specific amount of points
/prop <PlayerName>- allows you to send a wedding proposal(can be use at devias2 near the podium)
/accept- allows you to accept wedding proposal(Homosexual wedding is not allowed)
/teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse
/war <GuildName>- allows you to start a guild war(only for guild masters)
/endwar <OpponentGuildName> - allows you to end active guild war(only for guild masters)
/battlesoccer <GuildName>- allows you to invite guild to a soccer game at arena(only for guild masters)
/socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game(only for guild master on active soccer game)

Soul Barrier(sm's mana shield) duration has increased to 10 minutes.
Swell Life(bk's hp buff) duration has increased to 10 minutes.
Elf Strength & Defense buff duration has increased to 20 minutes.
Summoner's Refelction buff duration has increased to 5 minutes.
DarkLord Critical buff duration has increased to 10 minutes.[/font]

RageFighter Blood Howling(hp skill) buff duration has increased to 3 minutes.

NO F.O ITEMS, DonateShop is selling only cards, services, pets and buffs.
[VoteShop is selling usefull items. All DonateShop Items can be found by playing in-game.
MuHelper can be used from lvl 1 and it's completely free. MuHelper never stops by itself.

Sockets+exc: enabled.
380+exc: enabled.
Max Life: +28
Delay between potions set to two seconds, to prevent spamming Q.

And much more to explore in-game.

All of this and much more can be found in our official website:

Official Grand Opening - March 19th at 13:00/1:00PM (GMT-5).
You can always check the count down clock in the left corner of the website,
to see how much time left.

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For any questions, feedbacks or concerns please feel free contact us using:
Support Ticket - Facebook Live Chat
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We hope to see you all in the Grand Opening!
Best Regards,
Real Mu Online Staff.