L2Tracker bot (Gracia/Freya/High Five/GoD/Tauti)

L2Tracker - unique OCR bot for Lineage 2.
Tracker is working with game images and emulating user input. Works on ALL servers with Gracia or above update is installed.

Supported chapters: Gracia > Freya > High Five > Goddess of Destruction > Tauti.

L2Tracker abilities:
  • Tracker is an IG clicker-based bot, that can work even when game is covered by something else
  • You can bot solo/grouped, with any class.
  • You can select hutn spots, movement between them and unstucks.
  • It can use skills/macros depending on different situation.
  • The autosetup can create wide range of scripts, from simple click and hunt, to advanced 3-4 person group.
  • L2Tracker supports full mouse emulation, even outside of Lineage2
  • Supports buffer boxing even out of party.
  • Supports key redirect. You can use key combos (SHIFT+*) to transfer skill use to boxed character.
  • L2Tracker can make life simple on pvp/sieges by using potions as you specify.
  • Can accept group/traget invites from selected players.
  • Can track your soulshots and remind you of their absence via skype.
  • Excellent fishing skills are also applicable.
  • L2Tracker can enchant skills/items and insert lifestones.

Using tracker you can feel save.
  • No account data is shared anywhere
  • No injection in game that can be detected.
  • No packet work. Even if server will change packets they won't detect you, because we ain't using them
  • LameGuard proof.
  • GameGuard proof.

  • since no packet work and no injections are involved, tracker cannot do anything game can't. Some functions are limited, some require mouse and keyboard.

**Ukryta zawartosc: Kliknij "przydatne" w celu odblokowania zawartosci**

Changing interface to english:
  • launch it once
  • open config.ini
  • set "lang" parameter to 'en'; lang=en
  • restart tracker

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