This program uses for catching the traffic from server>client ;client>server , and doing in them some change.
Program have three module:PPC,MI,SE.
1)Run program , you saw this window
2)Open tab "Proxy PC" , proxy lamp must be shone "on".
3)Put "PPC панель" and you saw that
4)Download program Walker Patcher Lineage2
Scripts added in folder with WPF>wpsc>and here copy script
Some scripts:
enterChar.fsc- If you have problem, when bot writting Enter Char ~5 sec and don't enter in the game - if you have Packet Error
FixMove.fsc - When you try to moove , you get auto ban, use it's must help
FixParty.fsc - if bot saw HP/MP in party , but don't seen them when hi takes member in target/
FixProtocolFinal.fsc - if you have problems in protocol (auto changed of protocol by server)

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