EXP/SP: x15
Adena: x10
Drop : x3
spoil :x3
Quest drop x1
Olympiad enchant max +10
Auto loot items : On
Auto Learn skills : On
Class transfer 1/2/3rd free!!!
auto Potions mp/hp

Safe enchant +3 fullbody +4
max enchant +16.
Rate enchant +52 for warrior weps, 40% for mage. 52% jewels / armors.

Shop Information:
-Armor, Weapons and Jewelry up to C-Grade.
-Shots up to C and misc items needed for skills etc.

NPC Buff (including Counter Critical) 2 hours duration

Heroes every 2 weeks
Sieges every weekend
Auto events every one hour
Expecting over 5000 Players Online - Massive PvP
Protection system - S-Guard help preventing cheater, botter and abusive players plus we have .report command ingame

Linki sponsorowane

l2classic.ws x15 . 2 february 2018 grand opening

Take the oppurtiniy to play a Private Balanced Midrate Classic Server and remember the nostalgic memories