Hello guys,our server opens at 11/6/2016 18:00 GMT+2
Dont lose your chance!

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Lineage 2 Ultimate, is here to give everyone a closer reality gameplay of this fantastic game, Lineage 2.
A place where everything must be earned by showing strength, perseverance, and a good team (Clan) formed to stand out among all which are here!

L2 Ultimate Features

Quick overview of our server.
› L2Ultimate Interlude Server.
› 1000x Experience , 1000x Adena.
› Skills are auto-learn.
› There are not custom items.
› NPC buffer , GMshop , Global Gatekeeper and more.
› noblesse item selled at shop.

Enchant Rates

Enchant Rate Normal 70%
Enchant Rate Blessed 100% Max 16
Enchant Rate Crystal 80% Max 20
Enchant Safe +5
Enchant Max +20

Features that you aren't able to find anywhere.
› We don't give powered items in exchange for donations.
› Class balance is almost complete.
› Fully operational skills. Retail like.
› Old players have not advantage over new players, because our system of enchantment.

Gameplay features:

1-Party Zone (Primeval Isle).
2-Party RaidBoss (Primeval Isle).
3-Solo PvP Zone (Random Zone).
Safe Farm Zone and PvP Zones.
Npc buffer (2h buff time) 64 Buff slots.
Class Master.
Village Master.
Clan Manager.
Max Subclasses: 5
Top Life Stone Chance: 20%
Command .menu
Vote Menu Network/Topzone

Olympiad Info:
Olympiad System: Weekly - Retail Olympiad.
Olympiad Heroes: Every Sunday 24:00
Olympiad start 18:00 and end 24:00
Validation period 12h
You need 50 pvp for you can play olympiad matchs
Olympiad List updated after every match
Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match

Raid Bosses:
Scarlet van Halisha.
Fafurion's Lokness.
Refugee Hopeful Leo.

1-Special Tattoo Fighter/Mage Attack Speed +100 and Casting Speed +100.
2-Special Hats Sream Mask/Bamboo Hat/and more.

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