General Information

Client: Interlude (C6)
Xp: 55x
Sp: 55x
Spoil: 15x
Adena: 200x

Server Features

# Custom Zones
School of Dark Arts
Cave of Trials
Abandoned Coal Mines

# Castle Sieges
Sieges are limited to population. More castles are open/closed depending on server population.

# Clan System
3 clans in alliance allowed.
Clan Skills & Levels up to Lvl 8.
Change clan leader available in game.

# Olympiad System
4 hours per day (2 hours at 10 am/pm server time)
5 players required.
Limited to A-Grade only with server safe enchants max.
Guard against botters, restarters, overweighters.

# Subclass & Nobless
Must do full subclass quest. Bosses spawn 3x a day every 8+-1hr
Must do the full noblesse quest. Barakiel spawns 3x a day every 8+-1hr.

# Enchant System
Retail 66% (gradually decreases after +10)
Blessed enchant rate: 100% up to +16.
Weapon safe enchant: +5
Weapon normal enchant max: +21 (+16 with blessed scroll)
Weapon Blessed scroll safe for enchanting from +14 to +16
Armor safe enchant: +3
Armor normal enchant max: +10
Armor blessed safe enchant max: +10
Jewel safe enchant: +3
Jewel normal enchant max: +10
Jewel blessed enchant max: +10

# Custom Items
Dual SA S Grade Weapons
Promisance (Apella) Armors
Epic (Dark Knight) Armors
Ice Crystal Armor
Clan Halls
3rd class, Subclass, Noblesse
Infinity Soulshot
Seven Signs
Zariche and Akamanah
Offline Private Stores
Global Item decay (for drops on the floor)
NO PARTY XP LEVEL LIMIT - Level your character with a higher level friend.
PVP Reward System! Gain coin rewards for PvP wins.
Custom Raids/Drops
In-town NPC Buffers
NPC for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class change
Giran Main Town with all NPCs
TvT 3 times a day
Custom zone spawn protection
No-fly zones, No-ride zones, No-party summon zones to prevent raid boss bugs/glitches to get inside.
NPC-Hitting protection.


- Core & Orfen: 48 Hours +1 hour window
- Ant Queen & Zaken: 60 Hours +1 hour window
- Baium & Frintezza: 96 Hours +1 hour window
- Valakas & Antharas: 120 Hours +1 hour window

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