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    Oct 2015
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    League Of Legend[Zoomhack, FOV-Changer, Chat-Spammer, AFK-Bot] (SPAMMER FIX)

    Nie testowane:

    Zoomhack (Fine adjust your Zoomvalue)
    Custom FOV (Sets a custom FOV (Field of View))
    Zoomlock (Locks your current Zoomvalue)
    No Zoomlimit (Removes the max. and min. Zoomlimit)
    Chat-Spammer (Spams the League of Legends ingame Chat)
    AFK-Bot (Prevents you from getting kicked)
    Ingame-Notifications (Example)
    You have to play League of Legends in "Borderless" mode to use the GUI
    Pressing the Exit-Key will also restore every changed Value in the Memory
    Disable or pause your Antivirus, if the download gets blocked
    It may not work on Garena client / PBE

    1. Turn off Camera-Lock.
    2. Press your Hotkey.
    3. Don't move your Mouse after enabled, or it will turn off.
    You can always get banned using 3rd Party Applications that arent approved by Riot.
    Any kind of Camera-Modification shouldn't ban you.
    Don't spam too much and don't go AFK for more than 5 minutes to prevent a Temp/Perma/Chat/LeaverBuster - Ban.


    Linki sponsorowane

    b7.0.0.4 --> b7.0.0.5

    Fixed Chat-Spammer
    Small Source Optimization

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    Apr 2007
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    Odp: League Of Legend[Zoomhack, FOV-Changer, Chat-Spammer, AFK-Bot] (SPAMMER FIX)

    Prywatnej pomocy udzielam tylko osobą które maja minimum 100 postów.
    Masz pytanie zadaj je w odpowiednim temacie na forum.



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