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    WinMo jest nieaktywny
    Awatar WinMo

    Feb 2014
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    [Tool] [*UNDETECTED *NEW] MIZ-Tool v2.1 (Zoom-HACK etc...)

    NOTE for all: If you are a nice Guy upload your own update-files here at this Thread for the ather users and write for which LOL-Server your update-files works, i am sure you get a lot of thanks from the users
    A good File-Hoster is Zippyshare.com - Free File Hosting you DON'T need registrate a Account
    Status: 27.05.2014 WORKS
    on ALL Windows System`s (32Bit and 64 Bit)
    Works for every LOL Server if you make your own update for the Tool

    ++ [Hide Function] Hidden "Multi Infinite Zoom Tool v2.1" from Taskmanager and anti cheat software
    ++ Zoom-Out and Zoom-In with Mousewheel
    ++ Alterable max Zoom-Out and Current Zoom-Out
    ++ 100% SAFE and UNDETECTED (NO Dll-Injection into LOL-Game Data)
    ++ Auto Modus and Manually Modus
    ++ Faster and better Performance (CPU Usage 0%~10%)
    ++ Alterable a lot of Settings
    ++ Auto Click Accept Tool
    ++ Auto Writer Tool
    ++ Game run without lag

    Tool Update & Error Fixed Information
    ** Uploaded MIZTool v2.0
    ** Uploaded MIZTool v2.1
    * improve MsgBox [finished]
    * improve "gently" exit lol game after game end [finished]
    * improve manually modus from zoomhack[finished]
    * improve Auto modus from zoomhack[finished]
    * improve Auto writer tool [finished]
    * improve Gui [finished]
    * Shade tolerance range for Search Picture [finished] <---important for picture with .JPG format
    More information about "Shade tolerance range" (click spoiler)
    a number between 0 and 255 (inclusive) to indicate the allowed number of shades of variation in either direction for the intensity of the red, green, and blue components of each pixel's color. For example, 2 would allow two shades of variation. This parameter is helpful if the coloring of the image varies slightly or if ImageFile uses a format such as GIF or JPG that does not accurately represent an image on the screen. If you specify 255 shades of variation, all colors will match. The default is 0 shades.

    Note: for .bmp i use between 2 and 4 and for .jpg i use between 4 and 10

    eine Nummer zwischen 0 und 255 angegeben werden, um den Farbtontoleranzbereich von Rot-, Grün- und Blaukomponenten jeder Pixelfarbe zu bestimmen. Zum Beispiel erlaubt 2 zwei Farbtonvarianten. Dieser Parameter ist hilfreich, wenn die Bildfarbe leicht variiert oder die Bilddatei ein Format wie GIF oder JPG benutzt, dass auf dem Bildschirm nicht richtig dargestellt wird. Bei 255 Farbtonvarianten stimmen alle Farben überein. Standard sind 0 Farbtonvarianten.

    Anmerkung: Für .bmp verwende ich zwischen 2 und 4 und für .jpg verwende ich zwischen 4 und 10

    ** Uploaded Update-file (csvmit0xshort.txt)
    ** Uploaded Update-file (csvmit0xshort.txt)
    ** Uploaded new Video Tutorial "How to Update MIZ-Tool....."
    ** Uploaded Update-file from a lot of users for... (csvmit0xshort.txt)

    32Bit or 64Bit Information
    If you have a 32 bit Operating System download 32 bit version from "Multi Infinite Zoom Tool v2.1"

    If you have a 64 bit Operating System download 64 bit version from "Multi Infinite Zoom Tool v2.1"

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    VirusTotal Scan
    I get 2 FALSE warning from 51 scans and that because of the hide Function but dont worry it is 100% clean
    VirusTotal Scan Click me


    **Ukryta zawartosc: Kliknij "przydatne" w celu odblokowania zawartosci**

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    sacreble jest nieaktywny
    Awatar sacreble

    Sep 2014
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    Odp: [Tool] [*UNDETECTED *NEW] MIZ-Tool v2.1 (Zoom-HACK etc...)


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    pppkk1205 jest nieaktywny
    Awatar pppkk1205

    Sep 2015
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    Re: [Tool] [*UNDETECTED *NEW] MIZ-Tool v2.1 (Zoom-HACK etc...)

    thank you very much!



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