-Bot now has a UI.
-Auto Uncheck the "Remember Me" box.
-No longer need to specify Computer Number.
-Bugfix when adding bot "You will not earn XP, team unbalance".
-Bugfix now bot will check for level 5 and 10 at the end of each game, this will fix the problem whit over-leveling.
-Added Feature when summoner name is unavailable it will auto use a random name.

This bot can work on your current windows, or if you want to use multiple bots you have to use VMware.

This version only does referrals lvl 5 and lvl 10, if i get positive feedback in the future i'll add more options that are currently in a testing phase:
- Leveling accounts at level 30.
- Account creator bot for referrals. Added
- And in the future i'll add a friendly interface. Added

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