And here we are, the presentation of the new server infinitymetin, the second for accuracy. This server was created by you, your demands have led to the opening of this fantastic server Old Style. We listened to all your suggestions, your inquiries and through those we have created our second child, Old InfinityMetin, the second server from the staff of the famous InfinityMetin. Obviously I will only describe the server, seeing as how old style, there's not much to describe ... E 'equal to metin2, but there are advantages in the game, with many useful things to npc the game play (screenshot below), exp rate increased to assist you in climbing the rankings ececcc, and know that a weapon +7 or +8 can make a difference. We hope that our work is appreciated, we love to work for your entertainment and your in-game competitions. This server was built to be durable, full of competition, trade between players, exciting climbing the tower .. In short, like the old original metin2, full of emotion, full of adventure, full of wars!

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General Info


50x exp
50x drop
50x yang

Up Fabbro

- +6 Upp without item
- +6 a +7 25% item
- +7 a +8 20% item
- +8 a +9 15% item

First Login

- Basic Weapon +9
- 100 Mantelli coraggio
- 200 Red Potions
- 200 Blu Potions
- 10 x60 Speed Potions
- Wind Shoes
- Horse lvl 1

New things that you have to know before play

Languages (server side)

- Italiano
- English


- You can change your skill from vecchietta , max level 30.

Horse Quest

- Basic Horse, 1/2 hours per quest
- Medium Horse, 2/3 hours per quest

Biologo's quest

- 30: no wait
- 40,50: 1 hour per item
- 60,70,80: 3 hour per item

New scripts

- Teleporter letter
- Magic Metal from BlackSmith


Items, weapons and armors

Dark Mounts

Maps Old InfinityMetin

Linki sponsorowane

Multilanguage into Old InfinityMetin