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    D3Sharp Location Changed

    The people over at d3sharp moved to a new area for their master sources. This will help the emulator grow quicker and help manage the development of the servers more quickly.

    Master D3Sharp Repository has moved from raistlinthewiz to mooege for better managed development.
    The new master sources are located https://github.com/mooege/mooege.

    All compiles from raistlinthewiz are now outdated.

    New Master Compiles are of mooege

    We moved to an organization to make it a lot easier to manage a bunch of repositories under one roof - we can even setup dev teams and the like! And we're not going to disappear into the dark depths of the internets anytime soon. We're still public.We decided to rename to "mooege" to remove any potential trademark issues. It also stands for something! See if you can figure it out.

    Hint: It's not evident right now because we haven't split bnet and gs

    I will be updating soon!

    MMORPG Gry to Moja Moja Pasja
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    Odp: D3Sharp Location Changed

    ta linkuj kogoś pracę

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