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Bot wymaga emulatora android np nox do uruchomienia

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DJMBot - Bot SevenKnight and Any Games By DJM Teams

Co potrafi:

Featured DJMBot Version 5.0.0


1. Support Windows 7 , Windows 10
2. Can use in VMWare (Need to check out background mode)
3. Support english and thai language.


- Design base on reduce CPU and RAM usage.


1. Automatic Daily Quest And Can Setting Lv. Quest (S - C)
2. Automatic Weekly Quest (15 Times For Day)
3. Automatic Roll Quest And Can Setting Reset.
4. Automatic Arena And Can Setting To Except Fight Job.
5. Automatic Daily Dungeon.
6. Automatic Main Quest (After finish other event)
7. Automatic Bot Farming Normal Monster (After finish other event and Main Quest)
8. Automatic Bot Farming Mini-Boss. It can set time for switch to Farming Normal Monster
9. Multi Instance (Many screen games for Bot)
10. Can run program on a Background mode. While bot working. You can do anything such as youtube, facebook and play games.
11. Profile System
12. Daily Report
13. System Automatic check each an events. Every 10 - 20 mins.
14. System Automatic check Daily Quest
15. System Automatic check Avoid the obstacles in Map. Every 5 mins.
16. System Automatic reset all events at 4.00 AM (GMT+7)
17. System Automatic reset when stack of emulator or games no response in 30 - 40 mins.
18. System Automati Reconnect when Disconnect Games Server
19. Support Emulator Nox, MEmu And Bluestacks

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