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Welcome, and thank you for the interest in this script.
This script took a while to work out all of the kinks
and bugs, as well as adding new features... well over
30 hours of work in this script. Testing is very time
consuming :P... Theres been over 20 betas o_O

***************HOW TO*********************************

Well, theres two versions of this script included,

Version 1: Stand Alone script
Its pretty simple, open up the script, read through
and set according to your liking. You can put this
file anywhere. Remember to add more word base :)

Version 2: Include/add-on script
First off, put the "autoreplyCALLEXTERN.l2s" script
in L2.NET BETA\Scripts\Include

Next, add the following line to the beginning of your
script, may it be a simple shop script or an advanced
custom autofighter script. (just make sure the script
never ends)


Next, scroll all the way down to the end of your script
and add the following.

CALL_EXTERN "INCLUDE/autoreplyCALLEXTERN.l2s" REPLYSCRIPTSET VOID 23 #iA #iB #iC #iD #iE #iF #iG #iH #iI #iJ #iK #iL #iM #iN #iO #iP #iQ #iR #iS #iT #iU #iV #IW

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Every letter after the number "23" represents a setting, here is the list. (replace the letters with your choice)

A = Debug? 0 = off // 1 = on
B = How many seconds before another message can be sent? Calculated in SECONDS.
C = Do you want to allow sound alerts for chat messages? 0 = off // 1 = on
D = Do you want to allow sound alerts when being attacked by the same person? 0 = off // 1 = on
E = Do you want to allow alerts for when a player attacks you? 0 = off // 1 = on
F = Do you want to replys to melee (when a player attacks you) 0 = off // 1 = on
G = Do you want to replys to any skills (when a player attacks you) 0 = off // 1 = on
H = Do you want to replys to ANY chat? WARNING, if this is turned off, no replys will be made to ANY chat channels! 0 = off // 1 = on

//Channel settings
I = All chat
J = Shout
K = Private message
L = Party chat
M = Clan chat
N = GM
O = Petition
P = Petition2
Q = Trade
R = Ally chat
S = Announcement
T = Boat chat
U = partyroom chat
V = PartyCommander chat
W = Hero