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    weastw jest nieaktywny
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    Feb 2016
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    How to crack spotify accounts

    First, download this: Download Spotify Cracker.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way -> Password: TheN3rox

    Start it. It is pretty simple:


    Than after you got some hits, save it. It should look like this: Email:pass|Subscription:Spotify Premium|Renow:4/15/17

    Note that you will also have free hits saved aswell, so you use http://textmechanic....nes-containing/

    Simply paste your combos there and remove lines not containing Subscription:Spotify Premium.

    Than, download this: Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

    Make a folder with any name. Put that tool inside, and your combos inside a txt called combos.


    Should look like this. Than after running it, there should be a txt called finishedCombos.

    Now your Email:pass|Subscription:Spotify Premium|Renow:4/15/17 becomes Email:pass.

    Than you open your accountreaper that you either find cracked cus I wont give dl link :kek:

    or buy it here: https://www.nulled.t...✔️-easy-to-use/

    Than you load combos, proxies, select spotify module and good to go.

    But why do this? You will have a stable cracking experience cause it is proxyless. Than you gonna check which country or plan it has. Easy.

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    alex jest nieaktywny
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    Sep 2017
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    Odp: How to crack spotify accounts

    Thanks for sharing



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