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    Published on 18th March 2017 14:31

    The creators of Counter-Strike added to the game a new official map Channels. To fight it we'll be in beautiful Venice, trying to blow up/save the world-famous interesting places.

    The creators followed the original appearance of the Italian city, and the map itself needs to be asymmetric. The territory of the police special forces-it's an open space, while their opponents are surrounded by narrow passages.
    Approach to Plant And is outdoors, which means open space for the owners of guns. Otherwise, in the case Bombsite " B, in the vicinity of which the best fit shotguns and submachine guns.
    Valve promises that he will now listen to the reaction of the players on a new map to catch all of her flaws.
    By the way, the game added a new mailbox - Spectrum Case, and there are 17 community-developed skins for weapons.
    Published on 18th March 2017 14:28

    As if that wasn't enough, the developers have slightly changed the interface and added several new features in captain's Mode. Team members are now able to offer the captain a part of the solution, the easier is change the captain. Mode has also been added to Monkey King.

    What else? The changes are numerous, and relate to both the gameplay and specific characters. A detailed list can be found on the official website of the game.
    DOTA 2 is the second next League of Legends the most played game type MOBA on the market. The title debuted on Steam on the ninth of July 2013.

    League of Legends for several years, boasts of a special system of Honor, which allows after the game to reward the better working and most likable players, who then, once you've collected enough "praise", can boast of the corresponding band in the loading screen.
    The system was supposed to encourage positive behavior and reduce the toxicity of the League of Legends community, but not completely worked, and there was a really big impact on the overall picture of the game.
    Riot Games wants to change that, so just announced that intensively working on a new version of the operating system of Honor. Details about it don't know yet, but should be much more deeply integrated with the gameplay. Manufacturers predict that will introduce them to the game this year.
    Published on 18 February 2016 13:29

    Today I am pleased to say that Riot Games and BAMTech concluded the first of its kind, long-term partnership, commercial, the purpose of which is providing professional e-sports content League of Legends in different parts of the world. Close cooperation with Riot Games BAMTech aimed at increasing revenue from the eSports with the help of various tools such as advertising and sponsorship. Early next year we will also have joined forces to re-pave an experience resulting from watching e-sports, using leading technology BAMTech to offer fans new opportunities and chances for connection and access to League of Legends.
    This is a brand new quality for our eSports. As we've discussed in the past to e-sport could work and develop the necessary economic stability, and this is a big step towards achieving this goal. BAMTech is an innovative brand in digital and sponsorship sales media, which will allow us to unlock the potential and value dormant in our sport. Partner such as BAMTech would be for us involved in the creation of professional and permanent future for League of Legends for teams, players and fans. Their trust and belief in our e-sport-it's an honor for us.
    BAMTech is a leading company in the field of technology and streaming video-based Major League Baseball. Designs, develops and delivers world-class services to millions of fans worldwide through multiple partners in the sports industry, information and entertainment. We are proud to be doing this to us your first step into the world of e-sports and take on cooperation aimed at the creation for the fans of League of Legends, innovative and powerful features of the content of the e-sports. In the future we will share important milestones in this and other projects.
    A project of this caliber was possible only thanks to a passionate community of fans that supports League of Legends. Fans will always formed the basis for sustainable and successful e-sport. This kind of devotion to, and investment in e-sport that we all love, is powerful evidence of the trust and we believe will provide all of us an amazing experience in the future.
    Published on 18 February 2016 13:27     Number of views: 121 
    Article Preview

    At the time of publication of this article, League of Legends has 134 characters, and the expected future. Sometimes, however, it is possible to take the impression that not all of these heroes are available to you. For example, the character that you want to play, of course, weaker than in the current patch. Or at least like to play the hero and the values of its characteristics are well matched, it just doesn't quite fit in with the team and unable to cope with current strategies — such a situation is often called ‾wypadnięciem from the state gry”.
    This is particularly evident in the arena of eSports. This year in the Championship appeared only about 40% of the heroes League, and ten of them were only one or two games.
    E-sport has an important place in our hearts (and probably your own as well), so after a fantastic final battle between SKT and CSS, as well as all the rumors and actual changes in membership in przedsezonu, it seems that this is a good opportunity to share some thoughts about the diversity of the characters. Or we believe that diversity is important for players? For what it's worth to Riot? Why? How many occupies an important place among our other goals?

    Why designers appreciate the variety

    From the point of view of the designer, a wide selection of heroes that have proven themselves in the game, it's good for the game. Due to several reasons. For example, you can replace characters in the subsequent games, which prevents boredom of the player. Probably many of you there are no heroes, which we very good, but almost all of you will be able to play at least a few heroes. When we begin to feel that our matches look every time the same selection on another character may be a discount.
    The introduction of a new character is one of the most exciting moments for a developer League, and the heroes of old, has almost the same effect. In order to let the heroes make sense, you must be sure that these new or zaktualizowani heroes will find a niche for themselves in the current state of the game and gives you a decent amount of wins, when playing with them after a while and rack up some experience.
    Thus, we come to the third the benefits of having many heroes: an endless path to perfection is one of our core values that guide us in the design. Having so many characters to learn, improving skills in the League almost has no end. This is a good feeling when we get something gets better, and when we learn a new hero, the initial phase of grasping his skills are very simple. You notice the growth of their skills almost immediately, in the first few games. And when you get to the point where a better game with Yasuo ceases to be effective, it is possible to grow rapidly, trying to play better and better such heroes like Riven or Ekko.

    That diversity gives players

    From the point of view of players, variety is important due to various reasons (also important). As I said, many of you play with their favorite characters, and it's not cool when your favorite hero ceases to be a reasonable option in the game. All the time you have devoted on the improvement of the game this hero can waste if suddenly it appears that the only choice is the rejection of old favorite and new. Above I wrote that to focus on another character can be fun, but, rather, in that case, if you can make this choice on their own, not when you feel forced to it.
    If we say that the League has 134 characters, all expect it to heroes that actually can play. I think us, as players, something, yet compresses into the hole, when we see a system that does not use its full potential. This impression of such a visit on the rides, in which half of the sites disabled. Maybe so, we'll be there to have fun, but hurts us the suspicion that we have not received any of the promised thrills, and it threatens the deterioration of other attractions. I think that for this reason, very experienced players in the League still annoys our tutorial, although not really designed for them. They just seem too trite.
    And finally, returning to e-sports, we are excited to when one of our favorite characters choose of professionals and we feel disappointment when we realize that (for example) only Jhin, Cait, Ashe and Ez are often appeared as a mediator in professional tournaments.

    Barriers to diversity

    Thus, since the presence of multiple playable characters, it is important for us and for you, what's stopping us? Why diversity is not always 100% available? In a nutshell: because it is a very big and difficult task.
    First of all, we have a lot of heroes. To focus on them, everything requires huge effort. Think about the ogruzka in the game, as a complex mathematical equation and imagine that every time we think of heroes, we update them or change related items in the game, we add to this equation the new variables.
    It should also be said that many Rioterów focuses on creating new heroes, updating the old and improvement of the main rules of the game, as a complement to work on such matters as selection of players, rotating game modes, new skins, the best clubs, the new client and the whole mass najrózniejszych Affairs. In other words, although the variety of characters is important, the rest of our tasks is also important, so in any case we are not able to allocate the majority of resources solely to addressing diversity.
    Our philosophy of balance in League is that when you re-balance characters, as a rule, we use one set of rules (for advanced players and for those who want to become them), since I think about new players, and finishing professionals. This is different from professional basketball, in which a throw line through three points located farther from the basket or on the Golf course, which uses different starting point for professionals. This philosophy can cause difficult problems when the designer wants to strengthen character in the regular game, not creating a monster that will become a reliable choice/banem for professionals, or when they want to weaken the character, which the professionals play, so that has not completely disappeared from the game at the usual level. Still we believe that this is the correct philosophy: allows players to keep up with e-sport League of Legends, because they know that all skills and items will work in the same way that stimulates them to improve themselves through observation of professionals. But it makes that balance even harder to achieve (by the way, I'm not sure whether there is opportunity to fine-tune characters separately for different circles skills actually ułatwiłaby work — would not need to worry about the influence settings Silver Gnara on version for professionals but still need to configure all other Gnarów).
    Turning to the topic of professional League — the experience of playing at the professional level, a little different from how most of us play League of Legends. Professionals often choose heroes, which is characterized by a strong synergy of the team, while many of us, is to characters with specific individual potential to the game, since solo queue is not always we can count on the most harmonious of the team (although at this point I timidly encouraged to try out new turn flexible to ensure that competition is based in part on the strategy of team building can be a rewarding experience). This difference between the professionals and other players can lead to the fact that certain heroes (say, Elise, Orianna and Rumble) appear regularly among professionals, despite the fact that their popularity among recreational players ranked much lower. Professionals also have a busy schedule. Mass gain time for the excellent development of unusual character, it may be wasted time if in the end it will turn out that this character really does not work in the game. When the professional will find already ‾wystarczająco dobrego” hero, much more effective is to focus on the exercise and training with this hero, instead of further searching for alternatives. On the other hand, crazy elections, such as MF in a supporting role, is extremely interesting.
    More importantly, we prefer a fun, impressive game, instead of playing for the differentiation. The strengthening of very unpleasant characters only to increase their popularity in games, it would be irresponsible on the part of developers who must take care of good experience players. What is the finish ‾wypełniania norms pracy”. On the other hand, would have to address the source of this discontent, instead of just leave the weak heroes in the game. Thus, there are cases in which we will have to accept the limitation of diversification to achieve other goals. For example, certain changes in the towers we entered quite late in the season for a professional to keep the players to use the strategy of change Avenue. We knew that this change would hurt diversity and that will not make it in future updates re-enabled for the professional game additional heroes. But it believed that such a change is appropriate and with it the championship look with pleasure (and, at least in my opinion, it happened really).
    Finally, it is important to remember that players, even professionals, make the decisions, who wants to play, for different reasons. The power of individual heroes, of course, is here a significant factor, but just as important may be the fact that the mechanics of this hero is funny, or a character available in the free rotation, how it looks, what is its history, what changes happened to the other characters (I think of issues such as counter-attack, teamwork, communication, and even changes in the subjects and specialties) and so on.

    What characterizes a good differentiation?

    In General, we do not aspire in the presence of 100% of the heroes in the Championship. Despite the fact that the finals are happily stretched to five games, we're still talking about only two players, leading Rulerze and Explosion. Realistic looking, how many gunmen may appear in a series of five games to three victories? Even if you look at our range of the interests of all professional athletes, leading, still, it is unlikely that there were all shooters. Professionals, like the rest of us, will always have their favorite characters that is not only normal, but †the choice to maximize, in my opinion, †the choice of maximize is good for eSports.
    Such popularity of heroes is not our goal. Players love the jinx and Ahri from other causes than their stats wins. Although Urgot desperately needs to be updated, and probably will forever remain a niche hero, and it doesn't bother us as long as there is some players who love Urgota.
    Don't know if there's some magic numeric value specifying a smart indicator of occurrence of the characters in the Championship. Can is 60% and not 40%? Maybe it should be 80%? Part of the heroes surrender to extensive alterations. We're going to lower the ceiling and raise the lower the ceiling the skills of many of the characters, until we see Garena in the game at higher levels turns leaders or mere mortals, playing heroes like Azir or Kalista, using their full potential. We believe that one of the ways that can help, at least in the framework of e-sports and other forms of organized games, is the increasing number of bans to 5 per team and distribute phase the ban in two rounds. We believe that changes in Banach helps to achieve proper distribution of the presence of the heroes in the games. We hope that the heroes of the S-class will be dominated to a lesser extent, in the normal game will be more heroes of the lower classes. We can't say yet when we do this, however, the increase in the number of prohibitions is a strategy on which we are working.
    I know about this, as this is quite academic. I understand that for many of you it would not be a big problem, balancing the hero for professionals differently than wyważamy in a circle, Bronze or even balancing the professional version at the expense of Bronze. We could share a stronger counter-attack heroes in the selection step, perhaps we could ensure that niszowi the characters become more universal and are often elected in the game. You may not agree with the established goals — like I said, this argument is purely academic — but I hope that maybe now you will understand these problems a little better and you will help us to solve them. ...
    Published on 17th February 2016 12:37

    Overwatch in the near future will cover the winter, and the Christmas madness. For any of the signs in the sky, the earth and social networks, previously announced by Blizzard hotel you can use the event will start on December 13.

    Overwatch waiting for you Christmas is already turning to next Tuesday, but the game creators are invited to a joint appeal of one of the most important holidays of the year already, via Twitter. And promised gifts, of course.
    Holiday party Overwatch is likely to recall similar cases that have already been involving the community of fans, that is the celebration of the Olympic and related Halloween.
    You can count on new skins, emoticons, and even this type of cosmetics as well as in those cases. It is not known that Blizzard monitors the appropriate Christmas decorations, just as we have as yet no idea which characters will get the Christmas skins. It turns out only next week, December 13, when you start overwatchowe Holidays.
    Published on 17th February 2016 12:36

    The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduced into the game technology HRTF, that is, head-related transfer function. This algorithm must do, we will more clearly hear which side is the source of a particular sound.

    The creators of Counter-Strike yesterday during the updates added to the game new technology responsible for improved surround sound. The default audio settings is now "headphones with HRTF support". We can change this, but if we do not, and in fact we have the equipment, we will be in the game to better hear where the source of the sound.
    Of course, you don't need to explain to the players with experience that sometimes strzelankach the ability to find the enemy on the hearing provides a significant advantage.

    The last update introduced changes to the lobby system in the network. Now we will be able to see lobby, public groups steamowych that we can join
    Published on 17th February 2016 12:36

    The creators of online game World of Tanks the latest in the documentary talk about the tank Stridsvagn 103, one of the most unusual machines in the history of armored.

    Stridsvagn 103 is the main tank, devoid of towers. Instead the S-Tank (sometimes called a car) had the hydraulic suspension that allowed him to aim vertically.

    This decision led to the fact that the Swedish tank was only 2.14 meters in height at the highest point and the roof at a height less than two meters.
    For comparison, the M1A1 Abrams is of 2.44 meters in height, and the Israeli "Merkava" of 2.66 feet.
    I should add that in World of Tanks will soon be a new tree cars, so we will be able to play a variety of Swedish tanks, including Stridsvagn 103.
    Published on 17th February 2016 12:36

    Blizzard opens a new branch of his company, which will be responsible for the publication of that paper. In the future we can look forward to new books and manga based on the worlds of Blizzard games, but so far the new initiative aims to produce classical items and... coloring pages for adults.

    Blizzard Publishing will not be a dedication of the license for the books and manga related Warcraftem, Starcraft and Diablo, as it was until now. Now the company itself will provide such things... as well as various albums with illustrations, and even coloring.

    The first of these the last is already in the plans and will contain more than 80 jokes from the world of world of Warcraft that it will be possible to paint it. Blizzard is touting this album as coloring for adults, which sounds somewhat strange, considering that the company consistently applies in their games cartoony, childish signature style, and she has never had anything to do with something that is actually for adults.
    Published on 15th February 2016 21:09
    Article Preview

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a card game related to the universe known from such games as Oblivion and Skyrim, is still in the beta stage. But the developers are considering it already as a full product, and this week will give the first paid expansion pack with new maps.

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends yet this week we about a whole new set of cards from the so-called Madhouse Collection, which can be bought for cash or hardworking uciułaną virtual currency, zarabianą in the game. In the case of additions, The Elder Scrolls: Legends expect a special celebration in honor of the rpg elements to a new level, daedrycznego Prince of madness, well known to all fans of other games of The Elder Scrolls universe.

    The main attraction of these celebrations will be the new, temporary and valid only between 14 and 19 December tournament mode, Chaos arena. In principle, it is very similar to a classic scene, but is strange modifiers and unexpected changes in rules that will be imposed for each game in accordance with the whim of the God of madness.