Zobacz pelna wersje : Sacred WoW | 4 realms 3x/12x/12x/20x | blizzlike | 3.3.5a

27th December 2010, 11:44
Highly populated, stable realms have no lag, no downtime and no custom content. 4 Blizzlike realms (one being a non-donation, non-vote realm)

SacreD World of Warcraft
- Website: Sacred-WoW.EU - Free Private Server WOTLK (http://sacred-wow.eu)
- Forums: Sacred Community Forums - Powered by vBulletin (http://forum.sacred-wow.eu)
- 4 realms 3x/12x/12x/20x
- blizzlike scripts on all instances/quests!
- all battlegrounds/arenas working!
-Spells 'n Talents 95% fixed !
- Many tweaks around Azeroth/outland/Northrend! - Stable Core - can hold up to 4k population per realm!
- Donation system full of all kinds of gear packages + premium privilages.
- Fast growing community. 24/7
- Active and Friendly staff.Development progress.
- Bug support and Ticket look up at all time!

Join us now,become sacred!